Life At UCIC!

The essence of any organization is its employees. UCIC believes that its employees are both a stakeholder and a representative of the organization. The employees are hence central to all our activities. A quick insight into UCIC’s employee relationship is as follows:

  1. Team work: The employee, post joining UCIC, becomes part of the “Team”. We ensure that the team thrives on collaboration, diversity, empowerment, and mutual respect. We make this possible by encouraging the employees to involve themselves with little initiatives within the organization that actively contributes to institution building.
  2. Core belief of impact: This is extremely critical for us. Working at UCIC, which is a mission driven organization, is more than just a day’s work. We want our employees to believe that they are “masked crusaders” against poverty of ideas where their contribution is going to improve the lives of millions of people.
  3. Challenging status-quo: The very purpose of UCIC’s existence is to challenge the existing mainstream financial institutions to start considering funding to social enterprises. We want our employees to share the belief that “disruptions are order of the day” and that “change is the only constant”.
  4. Equal opportunity employer: UCIC strongly believes that diversity is central to the success of any team. Diverse viewpoints, arguments, and counter-arguments result in better decision-making. We would like to state that, like the businesses we support, we too are an inclusive team.
  5. Maintaining work-life balance: We also want our employees to have the right work-life balance so that they are able to maintain their levels of passion and zeal. We like our employees to actively explore other facets of their lives like fitness, travel, art, writing, etc.

So, if you share any of the aforesaid mentioned aspects of “life at UCIC”, feel free to reach out to us. We are always open to listening from prospective candidates whether or not we are hiring. Feel free to reach out to us at

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