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About Us

About UC Inclusive Credit

UC Inclusive Credit Pvt Ltd. (UCIC), incubated by Unitus Capital, is an impact-focused Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Based in Bangalore (India), which is considered a leading hub of social innovation and entrepreneurship, UCIC is focused on positively impacting the lives of millions of people by supporting companies with creative and timely debt capital. With the intention of providing innovative debt structures, the idea of UCIC germinated just prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Periodic setbacks in the Indian ecosystem i.e. Andhra Pradesh microfinance crisis, demonetization, GST implementation etc. held back the dream from taking its rightful roots. It was only in 2019, that the concept became a reality with the support of investors who truly believed and aligned with the vision of Unitus Capital of channelizing innovative private capital to impact businesses. In line with Victor Hugo’s famous saying, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, UCIC has now been unleashed. We have opened for business at a time of a fortuitous confluence of events including the availability of risk capital, technology adoption and entrepreneurship. Never before in the history of Indian economy the time been more exciting than now for impact businesses. UCIC strongly believes that we can play a key role as a responsible, thoughtful and impactful catalyst in the Indian impact investing ecosystem.

About Unitus Capital

Unitus Capital (UC) is an investment bank specializing in arranging capital for companies benefiting low income populations in sectors including agriculture, education, financial inclusion, health care, renewable energy and women empowerment. UC has raised well over $2 Billion of equity and debt for more than 110 impactful companies. While doing so, it has been consistently ranked Number 1 Investment Bank on PE league tables (by deal volume) for six years in a row. With operations in Bengaluru, New York, San Francisco and Sydney, UC delivers a range of financial advisory and capital market services to clients across Asia.


UCIC and impact

Every good business utilizes to its best possible extent the resources of land, human and financial capital with the underlying motive of profit. However, there are businesses that are built with the underlying basis of positively impacting these “resources” in a way that combines a positive social impact, as well as the businesses. Such businesses are what UCIC recognizes as “impactful” businesses. For the sake of simplicity, the verticals that UCIC targets as “impactful areas” are:

Financial Inclusion
Education & Livelihood
Clean Energy
Women Empowerment